Paris is a heroic hemp city of the Past & future, and here’s why..

Paris is a heroic hemp city of the Past & future, and here’s why..


Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets - Hemp City Paris

Paris has long been called the city of love. And hemp has always been called the plant of love. Do you see a connection there? Well, we do. We've decided that Paris is another heroic hemp city. And here's why. France and Paris was the only Western Country, not to fully prohibit the production of hemp fibre whilst the rest of the world was going plastic crazy. Making is a Jodope Hemp Hero City, and Country.

 Why is Paris a heroic hemp city?

Paris has a long history of supporting sustainable practices and is renowned for its dedication to environmental conservation. Parisians have embraced hemp as a sustainable resource, and it has become a bustling hub for hemp production.

How can Governments use Hemp?  

Hemp Housing - France - Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

The Parisian Government and private sector combining to use hemp building materials to create social housing. Nothing doper than that check out here pictured hemp crete. Imagine Public Hospitals using hemp bed sheets :) Antibacterial and Microbial to us just makes sense. 

Hemp Social Housing - Paris - Jodope Hemp Bed sheets.

History of Hemp in Paris, & France.

Hemp has a long and significant history in France, dating back thousands of years. Its use as a textile, rope, and for other purposes has been well-documented.

Hemp Rope Making - Jo Dope Hemp

Hemp cultivation in France started during the Bronze Age by the Scythians, and by 1000 CE. Hemp plants were used for various purposes, including canvas for sails and sacks, as well as rope.

One notable mention of the quality of hemp cloth from Locronan can be found in William Shakespeare's play Coriolanus. Additionally, the Corderie Royale, which was built in 1666 at the Arsenal de Rochefort, was specifically constructed to produce hemp rope needed by the French Navy's rigging.

History of Hemp | Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

In the 19th century, hemp production in France reached a peak of 200,000 hectares (490,000 acres), and Breton hemp was considered some of the finest in the world. The French Navy also always used national hemp sources for oakum necessary to seal wooden boats and ships. Overall, hemp has played an important role in France's history, economy, and culture, and its use continues to be relevant today.

What's going on regarding hemp in Paris?

So much awesome stuff, being one of the largest consumers of Hemp, and such a romantic place to visit, world wide trade shows, and other hemp businesses converge for CBD and Hemp Trade fairs. 

The hemp market in Paris

At Jo Dope, we have no envy. If there's another hemp business that shares our love for the beautiful plant, we support them 100%, and we support their sustainable ideas. But in Paris, there's more than one business. There's an entire market. Salun Du CBD is a revolutionary, large-scale hemp market. Hemp companies nationwide assemble and sell their hemp produce over three days of hemp-filled fun and sustainability. It's a fantastic way to celebrate the hemp legacy and share the incredible benefits of this wonderful plant. We love this and hope to have some Jo Dope hemp bed linen in our stall someday in the future…

The French love Hemp 

As well as all this, Paris is a city of innovation regarding hemp. It's home to several research institutions and startups exploring new and exciting applications for hemp. For example, there are efforts to use hemp as a biodegradable alternative to plastic, as well as research into the potential medicinal properties of hemp. At Jo Dope, we love to see other businesses and individuals pushing the boundaries of what is possible with hemp - the same way we push the boundaries of sheet perfection with our hemp bed linen.

So if you want to try heroic hemp, we recommend you include Paris in your next itinerary. Just make sure you've got some lovely cosy Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets to return to when you get home. That way, you've always got some heroic hemp nearby.

If you have a suggestion for another hemp City please leave a comment below. 

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