About Us

Losing sleep over the damage the mainstream textile industry is doing to waterways and ecosystems, Jodope founders Jess & Oscar discovered that good sleep doesn’t have to come at the cost of a healthy planet. And Jo Dope pure hemp bed sheets were born.

Our History

Jess & Oscar built their hemp business like they built their relationship – with tonnes of passion and faith in each other, the hemp plant and the benefits it offers to the world.

Combining Jess’ gentle and Oscar’s passionate approaches, the pair saw a massive need for more hemp in the textile industry in order to utilise its superior sustainability, durability and comfort. By pure coincidence, they discovered that most of the world’s hemp is grown right where Jess grew up, in the northern provinces of China, where many farmers for hundreds of years have been growing industrial hemp organically.  

Cotton and polyester are ruining the world’s waterways through industrial waste, depletion and pollution from agri-chemicals and micro plastics coming from almost everything in the washing machine.
Hemp, on the other hand, is really, really cool.
Backed by research and demand, more farmers are switching to hemp to increase profits and reduce ecological footprint by decreasing pesticide and fertiliser run-off & improving the condition of waterways and soils.

Historically, hemp has changed the game in so many ways. Now, it is ready to take over the textile industry in a world that demands ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

What hemp bedding does

Hemp bed sheets are leveraging the remarkable insulating, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of the hemp plant, while also providing the luxurious feel of the fabrics it creates.

Keeping cool in the summer, Hemp bedding’s breathability is greater than other fabrics and allows more ventilation to reach your skin. Remarkably, you can also keep cosy in the winter with hemp bed sheets, because hemp keeps you warmer in cooler weather with its superior thermal properties. Hemp bed sheets can also ease ailments for sleep-deprived people.

Along with its magical benefits, hemp production can ethically employ people worldwide, significantly reduce textile impacts on the environment, and just make people feel good – awake and asleep!

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Our mission

Jess and Oscar love knowing that pursuing their passion is leading to people sleeping deeper, comfier and more sustainably, building happier people and a happier planet.

Jodope reinvests the proceeds of its business into educating more growers and producers, boosting the positive impact of hemp manufacturing, and evolving the supply chain to help the communities understand how hemp textiles benefit their environment and quality of life.

Our goal is to increase the holistic impact hemp products can have on the earth, the economy and your sleep.

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