Good sleep shouldn't cost a healthy planet.

From quilt covers to bed sheets, our uber-breathable, ultra-sustainable and ultra-comfortable bed sets cater for any kind of sleeper, utilising hemp’s superior breathability and thermal properties. Whatever the season, you’ll sleep comfortably in natural hemp bedding.

Better for you - Better for the earth.

Hemp sequesters carbon much faster than other natural fibres, so every time we re-grow hemp vs. cotton or polyester, we are carbon positive (much better than carbon neutral).

That’s why our hemp bed sheets are better for the planet.

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Sleep cleaner.

Organic Hemp bed sheets are more absorbent, breathable, and anti-microbial than cotton or polyester.

Not only that, our 100% hemp bed sheets and pillowcases become softer & smoother with every wash!

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A better future can be built in your sleep.

Hemp bedding leverages the remarkable insulating, antimicrobial and sustainable properties of the hemp plant, providing a luxurious feel you can really snuggle into.

Ethically sourced and 100% sustainable; high quality, eco-friendly bedding makes you feel good - awake or asleep!

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