Hemp Bedding Full Sets

Our ethical and sustainable Doona and sheet sets provide you with a way to revitalise your sleep, bedroom and planet completely.

A full set includes; 2 Standard pillowcases, 1 fitted sheet & 1 doona cover.

Whether you have been recently awakened to the glories of "hemp dreams", or you are a long-term hemp bed sheet acolyte. It is never too late to revolutionise your sleeping habits, and our quilt set provides the path to a complete overhaul. We can customise your Doona cover set, for different combos of Sizes of quilt covers to your sheets, Click here and email us :)

What is included in the full set of hemp bed linen with Jodope.

Pure Hemp Fitted Sheet 

Pure Hemp Pillow Cases 

Pure Hemp Doona Cover 

Hemp Bedding Full Sets FAQs

Are hemp bedding sets eco-friendly and sustainable?

Hemp is hands down the best sustainable bedding online and worldwide, its the most affordable fully eco friendly option, there is new developments in textiles such a soy or kelp, though these are extremely expensive. If you are looking for silky smooth eco friendly Vegan bed linen Hemp is the answer.

How durable are hemp bedding sets compared to traditional materials?

Hemp bedding sets are renowned for their exceptional durability compared to traditional materials like cotton or polyester. Hemp fibers are incredibly strong, often referred to as one of the most robust natural fibers available for textile production.

The durability of hemp bedding sets stems from the inherent strength of hemp fibers. They are known to be up to three times stronger than cotton fibers, making hemp bedding highly resistant to wear and tear. This strength translates to bedding that maintains its quality and integrity over extended periods of use, even after multiple washes.

Additionally, hemp fibers have natural resistance to mold, mildew, and UV rays, further enhancing their longevity. This resistance minimizes the likelihood of degradation or discoloration over time, ensuring that hemp bedding sets retain their quality appearance and structural integrity for years.

Do hemp bedding sets soften over time?

Hemp becomes softer and softer with every wash, and without losing any durability. Jodope Hemp bed sets, are extremely comfortable from day one, they just keep getting better and better with time, like a fine red wine.

Are there different blends of hemp used in bedding sets, and how does it affect comfort?

Many of the other market leaders are watering down their bedding with cotton, this is an economical way to make the bedding cheaper, the issue is when you mix two fibres together sometimes they do not spin ( bond ) well, this means you get shorter fibres pushing out from the thread this translates to itchy fabric. We only use 100% Pure hemp fibre. We have visibility on our production from Fibre to Fabric.

Are there any reported disadvantages or cons of using hemp bedding sets?

The way hemp is built by nature, there is very little disadvantage to investing into hemp bed linen, the major issue with the market and history of Hemp Vs Cotton VS Wood Paper means that the industry has been gate kept for around 60-70 years, meaning the other fibres in the market, which is one reason we have global warming, have developed and so are “cheaper” one could argue cheaper and nastier. I have alot to say about this just ask me :) 

As for the features of hemp bed linen, its a natural fabric we chose not to use harmful chemicals in the process so colours are not as BRIGHT but they are rich and natural.

Are hemp full sets hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin?

Hemp is hypoallergenic, its probably the best bedding for sensitive skin, or the best sheets for people wanting to keep their skin clean and fresh during the nights sleep. 

Due to all of the wonderful natural features of hemp. 

Is there a flat sheet included in this Bedding Ensemble?

We believe that most of the market and our customers previously have preferred the fitted sheet, if you however prefer the flat sheet, Please let us know or leave a comment in the shopping cart when you purchase. We are happy to swap your fitted sheet for a flat sheet.

How does buying a bamboo bedding set compare to hemp?

The main difference between bamboo and hemp is in the processing from Plant to Fibre, hemp requires no chemicals to remove the water and other natural elements in the fibre. Making hemp super sustainable and ecofriendly. This translates to less chemicals coming in contact with your skin, and into the environment. Making hemp the leader in sustainable bed linen fantastic for those with sensative skin.

Is hemp best for all seasons? 

Yes Jo Dope full hemp bed Ensembles, are the best for both winter and summer, due to the fibres amazing thermodynamics. This means the fibre like a wetsuit regulates the warm and cold air around your body ensuring your body breathes and stays in a optimal temperature whilst you sleep. 

Do you have a Question about?

We are very flexible, as we value getting the mix right for the perfect nights sleep. Please do not hesitate to email, or use the chat feature in the bottom left hand corner.

Common Customisations we accommodate are;

- Custom Sizing Fitted Sheets and Duvet Covers

- Mix and matching size, for example Queen Fitted Sheet with King Doona Cover

- Shipping information or urgent gift dispatch, we understand sometimes you require your bedding urgently, please reach out if your looking to get premium express shipping.

-Wholesale or Airbnb Pricing, if your looking to stock our bedding we can send over our wholesale pricing.

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