United States of HEMP

We want to know more about the biggest change in modern history to the hemp community.

We will research companies, people, laws, and hopefully start getting your feedback about what is going on, on the ground with Hemp and the future of sustainable systems.

Watch this space as we go through all the states of hemp in the United States.

Learn about Hemp in the United States of America

Why visit Jo Dope's "50 States of Hemp" blog? It has your online hemp news about the growth of the US hemp market. 

We are Australian. We see the industry grow, though it has challenges. Hemp for medicine or recreation is booming. Businesses going public and people make a lot of money. But, hemp has agro and community issues. We want to learn about hemp in the United States. So, we will blog about what we find online.

We will find out who in the United States is breaking the stigma. They are backing up their talk. They are pushing past barriers to bring hemp into modern history. 

We will talk about people from history. They championed ethical and sustainable ideas for living with the earth.

Who is Jo Dope and why are we so hell bent on learning more about hemp in USA?

We sell sustainably sourced hemp bed sheets, but we are students of hemp always. We started our journey selling products online testing different products online with etsy. But if you go back further, Oscar studied Fashion Design and Textiles. He focused on making textiles sustainably and ethically, especially hemp. How can I manipulate hemp to perform better than all other fabrics. How can I use Pure Hemp and create nicer products, without using harmful chemicals. 10 years later JoDope.com was born. Now, we ship worldwide. We are invited into beautiful souls' safe spaces to share our love of Hemp Bed Linen and the best nights sleep.