Rest your head (and mind) on our 100% sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured hemp pillowcases. A pillow case is often underestimated in the role it plays in ensuring a healthy sleep.

A pillowcase isn’t responsible for keeping you warm, and neither is a pillowcase responsible for regulating your body's temperature. 

The vital role of a pillowcase is nurturing your head and providing a soft place to rest one of your most important body parts. 

The hemp plant seems to have been created for bedding and, specifically, pillowcases. 

Is Hemp Better for my Hair and Skin Than Cotton, Silk, or Tencel?

Yes, Hemps natural properties make it the best material for keeping you skin and hair fresh and beautiful. The most common fabrics require chemicals in the process from turning fibre to fabric. Hemp requires very little chemicals to none in the entire process. Hemp also has anti-bacterial and microbial properties that other fabrics would dream of. This ensures your skin and hair stay exactly like you desire fresh, clean and safe from germs.

Can fit Any Pillow

Hemp Pillow Case Sizing FAQs

Do you offer hemp pillowcases for specialty pillows (e.g., body pillows, memory foam)?

Yes, we can offer hemp pillowcases for speciality pillows, such as body pillows,memory phone, postural pillows or even yoga pillows. We have made custom hemp pillow cases for so many different wonderful shapes and sizes. Click here to submit the sizing you require

Can I return or exchange hemp pillowcases if they don't fit my pillows?

Yes you can return any products if they do not fit for the cost of the shipping from your address. Though as you can see from the question above, we would prefer to make right the first time by customising your hemp cases for your pillows. So if you know you non standard size pillows please reach out here 

Can I mix and match different colour pure hemp pillow cases with my full set or hemp sheet set.

Of course we can mix and match pillow cases with different colour hemp bedding, we love to see your colour flex and interior design. Please just leave comments in your cart or send us an email here for any changes in colours.

Why is Hemp best for my skin?

Pure Hemp Textiles ensure your skin is kept clean, hemp does not harbour any germs or nasty little mites or dust particles. Which will trap oil in your pores. Hemp Pillow Cases are best for sensitive skin.

If you have any questions regarding how hemp helps keep your skin young and fresh please reach out here.

Ask questions about hemp and my skin.

Beauty inside and OUT

Beauty in Hemp Pillow Cases

Are your hemp pillowcases hypoallergenic?

Hemp is definitely 100% Hypoallergenic, the properties of our hemp bed linen out perform all of the competition in keeping your skin clear, safe and beautiful.

Do your hemp pillowcases help prevent acne or skin breakouts?

Compared to Tencel, Silk, Polyester, Linen and Bamboo hemp is the number 1 fabric for keeping your skin clean and healthy. The facts are in and there is no product that uses less toxic chemicals or repels germs. Perfect to help prevent acne or skin breaking out in pimples or rashes.

Are your hemp pillowcases designed to minimize hair frizz or bedhead?

Anti Static, Anti leaching your natural oils, Hemp is naturally and organically chemically the best material for your hair and pillowcases. All the reasons you might get bed hair are avoided with hemp pillowcases.

Do your pillowcases have any antibacterial or antimicrobial properties?

Hemp is the best pillowcases for antibacterial and antimicrobial. Vegan silk pillowcases are usually polyester or tencel. Tencel is from a renewable source though the process is not as natural benefitial to the earth. Most wood pulp fibres come from "single species plantations"

Disrupting native vegetation and farmland, damaging and depleting soils, and, when combined with the application of chemical fertilizers and herbicides, leading to the emission of significant amounts of greenhouse gases.

Hemp just gives you great skin and hair and the planet dirt. :)

Are there specific materials that are better for sensitive or reactive skin?

Yes the number one materials for skin care are Kelp or Seaweed. This is the next best option after Hemp.

Are you pillowcases Vegan?

100% Vegan, Not just contributing to a renewable system or circular economy. Our bedding gives back to the earth as hemp deposits nutrients and vitamins into the earth. I am not sure there is anything more vegan than looking after the earth.