Pure Hemp Flat Sheets

Soft, Durable, Luxurious buy Flat Sheets online now & Uncover a new level of comfort and breathability with our 100% hemp flat sheets.

The flat sheet, often underestimated, is a vital component of your bed set, serving as a moderator to eliminate uncertainties in sleeping temperature.

Achieve the perfect balance for a deeper, more restful sleep.

Explore JoDope Flat Sheets and redefine your sleep experience.

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What are Flat sheets for?

This is a funny one, most doona cover sets, or fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases sets, you can buy at a manchester stores ignore the flat sheet. Why are we discriminating the Flat Sheet? 

I always wonder if people use them, I love them because they can be tucked in tight and trap warmth a little more, I sleep cold so any extra warmth I love. Some people I speak to hate being restricted yet still use a flat sheet just dont tuck it in tight. 

Do you use a flat sheet?

Hemp Flat Sheet FAQs

What is the difference between Hemp Flat sheets here and there?

JoDope is PURE hemp, there is no cotton, no bamboo, no plastic washes, nothing but 100% hemp in all our bedding. This means you are getting 100% all the benefits of hemp we do not water down the beauty.

Does the Flat sheet go on top of the bed?

Depending on the time of year the flat sheet might be the top layer especially in hot or humid weather / countries. In Australia in summer we usually only use the flat sheet ontop of our bodies. Though in Winter we use it under the quilt cover / dooner cover. 

What size Flat Sheet?

This should be to match to your bed size, if you have standard sizing our flat sheets will match perfectly giving you more than enough extra fabric to tuck in under the mattress. Please click here if you have any custom requirements for you flat sheet.

When do I change my flat sheet?

I suggest changing any bed linen after a week / two weeks. Its just good manors for your skin. Though we have the benefits of hemp we still suggest this, you dont have to always wash with a full cycle of 1000 hours, maybe a short cycle for the fitted sheet and pillow cases and just airing out the others. It really depends on alot of factors, do you run really hot and sweat a bit, your diet and what is coming out the pores.  

Do I tuck in My flat sheet?

I do. I love the tightness of a flat sheet, reminds me of staying at hotels just nicer bed sheets. I recommend trying it out if its something you are not sure of, you can also tuck in tight or loose. I know a lot of people like to poke 1 leg out of the blankets to help regulate heat. Maybe you don't need with Hemp Flat sheets as they breathe?

Can I select a different colour flat sheet in my sheet set or Full set? 

Yes, Please purchase the set you desire and leave a comment in the checkout for the alternative colour you require for the flat sheet. 

We love seeing the colours you mix and match to your beautiful bed rooms designs.

How do I make the bed to have the flat sheet folded out?

You might see this contrast folded aspect to some beds, the trick is they usually have a contrast on either the FLAT SHEET or the under side of the Doona Cover. We can do both. Reach out if you have any questions.

What is the best material for Flat Sheets?

HEMP makes the best Flat sheets.

Why is hemp the best fabric for Flat sheets?

Great for both Summer and Winter bed sheet layering. Maybe you don’t need the quilt or duvet you just use the fitted sheet.Most of the top half of Australia or the west will understand this. Our customers in USA and Spain also. The English, And NY’ers might need a duvet. 

Silky Smooth, hemp is the strangest and oddest plant and creation from Mother Nature, its easy to gloss over this when you know it, but something so versatile and soft and luxurious, strong and tensile it just makes amazing flat sheets. 

Value for money, though you might find the investment less comfortable than the sheets to start, hemp is the most durable fabric and fibre. The tensile strength is rated closer to steel than a fabric. So you will get a ROI on your purchase through not needing to buy flat sheets again any time soon.

Why are Hemp Flat sheets best?

Thermodynamics - Hemp is revolutionary and ancient technology, keeping you warm in winter and trapping warm air in the fibre yet in summer when you are warm hemp with breathe and let cool air flow over your body. 

All the germy reasons we have mentioned a few times, Antimicrobial, Antibacterial, Resistant to Mould and Mildew keeping you healthy and fresh through out the night. 

These Features make hemp the best for families who might have members with furr (pets), asthma or sensitive skin. 

Cruelty Free some of you beautiful people might be looking for SILK / which might end up being polyester if your not careful, but if your looking for Mulberry Silk lets say for the “beautify” features. Please consider hemp has all the same if not better characteristics but is 100% Vegan and non toxic