Why is Tokyo, Japan a Hemp City?

Why is Tokyo, Japan a Hemp City?

Tokyo and Jo Dope bed sheets. 

For so long, Japanese culture has fascinated so many people, us included. Well, now Tokyo has started pioneering hemp products, and its hemp industry has become one of the most innovative in the world. So basically, it’s even more amazing. Here’s why, at Jo Dope, we think that Tokyo is 100% a Heroic Hemp City, maybe even a hemp–filled paradise.

Tokyo | Jo Dope Hemp Bed SHeets

Why is Tokyo a heroic hemp city?

In historical Japan, hemp was a huge craze, and farmers and aristocrats alike made and wore luscious hemp garments. Despite a slight dip in Hemp popularity during the mid 20th century, Hemp is once more a rising force in Japan. As you’ve definitely guessed by now, we adore anything that combines the notions of hemp and fabric. That’s why, here at Jo Dope, we are fully supportive of everything Japan is doing in terms of Hemp textiles, especially amazing pieces of hempen art like this beautiful Yuseki Seki design. They almost could’ve used some Jo Dope Hemp Bed Linen!

What's the story with CBD in Tokyo?

Well, among other hempen initiatives, Tokyo is pioneering the use of CBD for mental health and wellness. The benefits of CBD have been known to ancient cultures for generations, and it seems the modern world is only just catching up. But Tokyo are ahead of the curve, and the Tokyo CBD industry has gone up by about $56 million in the last 8 years. Nowadays, you can find CBD in specialist stores, drinks, health food shops and even at the Tokyo airport. Pro athletes who participated in the recent Tokyo olympics and everyday people in Tokyo have been massive supporters of the use of Japanese CBD oil for mental health and wellbeing. Now that’s something we love to see. Next thing you know, we’ll get some Jo Dope hemp bed sheets in Japanese stores as well (or they can order them online if they prefer…)

So, are there any other heroic hemp cities in Japan?

japan and hemp | jo Dope hemp bed sheets

Well, Japan is a heroic hemp country, so pretty much every city has some level of hemp-ness, but there’s one island in the north named Hokkaido that is doing some great things. In Hokkaido, there has recently been an association formed - The Hokkaido Industrial Hemp Association. These guys, whilst being awesome because they love hemp, have helped instigate a number of amazing hemp-filled initiatives, including designating a special zone in the city of Kitami that looks to create a supply of hemp building materials. They also help hemp farmers navigate the strict import restrictions on this wonderful plant in Japan. They’re a very cool organisation, just as Hokkaido is a very cool and heroic hemp city.

So, that’s the run down on the heroic hemp cities of Tokyo and Hokkaido in Japan. Despite still possessing strict regulations regarding the importing and exporting of hemp, Japan is extremely progressive in terms of CBD oil and has a bright, hempen future ahead of it. At Jo Dope, we think our sustainable hemp bed sheets align perfectly with this growing hemp craze and hope to see you soon in Japan!

If you have been to the hemp museum in Japan or have some information you think we should add to this blog please comment below. 


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