Vancouver Canada - Hemp is a lifestyle

Vancouver Canada - Hemp is a lifestyle

Welcome to Vancouver, where sustainability and hemp join forces. Vancouver is a proudly green city, and Vancouverites have a commitment to doing the planet a service. From towering skyscrapers to trendy cafes, the power of hemp has been embraced as the key to Vancouver’s eco-friendly future, and here we unpack exactly why.

In the Vancouver township, hemp is rising to become a truly unsung hero of architecture, and is permeating into everyday life in a number of other revolutionary ways. This year, a bunch of progressive Canadian university students finished an amazing project, something that had been in the works for years and will hopefully serve as a hemp-spiration for generations to come. 

Hemp in Canada - Vancouver?

Well, rather un-inventively named, Third Space Commons is the world's first institutional building constructed out of… you guessed it, hemp. The scope of this achievement is not to be underestimated. These days, conventionally constructed buildings dominate the concrete jungles of metropolises all around the globe. Well, that's why they’re called concrete jungles isn’t it? This Vancouverian building used no concrete, not an ounce, in its construction. Instead, the students used the infamous hempcrete, an ingenious combination of hemp and lime that sequesters carbon and creates breathable, sturdy structures. Not only does this building serve as a hemp architecture pioneer, but it will also be used as a teaching facility to educate the wider university population about the wonders of hemp and hemp sustainability. Yeah, Vancouver is really nailing it hemp-wise.

Hemp Buildings and Construction in Vancouver 


So, they have some really cool buildings made out of hemp. What else inspires us about this incredible city? Well, architecture isn’t the only space in which Vancouver has donned its hempen cape. Last year, the West Boulevard Cannabis company based in Mt Pleasant, Vancouver established the world’s first “culinary cannabis kitchen.” Those Vancouverians love their ‘world’s firsts’ don’t they? Well, we do too. Now Canadians can enjoy expanding their minds within the first hemp-based education building while simultaneously enjoying hemp-infused delicacies. What a combo!

In conclusion, these facts lead to Vancouver’s undoubted christening as a true hemp city. This Canadian municipality weaves hemp into its architectural fabric and culinary tapestry to great effect. Its buildings, like verdant vines, embrace sustainable hemp materials, embodying an eco-conscious and forward-thinking spirit while its food takes the tang of hemp to new heights.

Vancouver's culinary scene dances with hemp-infused delights, from hemp-seed salads to hemp-infused desserts, these combinations celebrate not only fine dining but also the planet's well-being. Which we love to see.

So let Vancouver's hemp-laced story inspire a greener planet, at Jo Dope, we certainly hope that the rest of the world will follow in this green city’s footsteps.

We are inspired by Vancouver’s commitment to the noble plant. Did you know that we are just as passionate about hemp, and we have our own amazing range of sustainable, eco-friendly hemp bed linen with hempen love infused into every thread? Well we do. Check out our hemp sheets here if you’re interested. If you believe, truly believe in the brilliance of hemp and a hempen future for all.

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