Which State in India is Sailing High in Hemp Cultivation?

Which State in India is Sailing High in Hemp Cultivation?

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Why Is India behind the Hemp Race? 

Though we have selected to use hemp textiles from the fields of China, we are very interested in the regions of India, as this is a commonwealth country it still lives under the office of drug control and this "organisation" has been the main contributor in slowing down hemp development for the better. 

Other than our production being quite advanced comparatively to the supply chains we have found for bed linen and sheets that our competition deliver. We still love and care for all hemp businesses. 

Read about the leading state not city and how they are quickly becoming a hemp hero "city" 

Is hemp going to take over the world? 

Yes hemp will take over all industries it enters, being a versatile crop with numerous applications, it has garnered significant attention in the agricultural landscape worldwide. 

 In India too, hemp cultivation has "re-emerged" as a promising venture. From ‘rejected’ to ‘respected’, it has really come on its own in recent times. 

The reason is pretty easy to figure out – hemp has the potential to generate substantial revenue for farmers and promote sustainable industries with some amazing applications. 

Which state leads the race in hemp cultivation in India?

Among the diverse states of India, Uttarakhand has emerged as the leading player in this arena. The state is really hitting the ball out of the park when it comes to the volume of hemp cultivated and the amount of government support extended to this industry. 

Uttarakhand is capitalizing on its unique geographical advantages and conducive climates to ensure that hemp cultivation remains a profitable occupation for the state’s farmers. 

Uttarakhand Hemp coming into vogue | Jo Dope


Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, Uttarakhand provides an ideal environment for hemp cultivation. The state’s temperate climate and abundant rainfall are perfect for hemp to thrive. The nutrient-rich soil further intensifies the production and quality of the hemp plant.

Research suggests that annual revenues from hemp textiles in Uttarakhand touched Rs. 240 crore in 2019. This stat is driven by Uttarakhand’s forward-thinking approaches to hemp legalization and supportive policies. They have facilitated the growth of the industry, attracting farmers, entrepreneurs, and investors alike. 

Why Uttarakhand Excels in Hemp Production?

The central plains near the Ganges river basin in India offer an optimal environment for hemp cultivation. But that is not the ONLY reason. Even barren hilly regions and water-scarce areas can yield positive outcomes in hemp farming. 

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How, might you ask?

Well, hemp requires consistent moisture during the germination and seedling process. But, once the taproots of hemp grow, they can reach out even in the depths of the underground reserves in search of water. 

And since India’s average annual rainfall ranges between 300 and 650 mm, it directly becomes an excellent contender for the cultivation of industrial hemp.

Also, India’s tropical climate has a longer photoperiod, further enhancing hemp growth. This allows for varied planting densities and increased fibre and seed yields with minimal effort.

What are the three hemp products leading India? 

Hemp offers an amazing array of practical applications. You can make cookies out of it, you can make clothes from it, and it’s totally legit. 

If you feel hemp is just starting out, then think again. An AIIMS study showed that there were 7.2 million consumers of industrial hemp in 2019. This shows that the market for hemp products in India is fairly mature and has progressed from its nascent stages. 

Let us look at the top 3 industries where help is used extensively.  

Hemp Clothing

The hemp textile industry is experiencing a renaissance in India. Known for its durability and breathability, hemp fibre is finding its way into premium clothing lines. In fact, hemp provides eco-conscious consumers with sustainable alternatives to conventional fabrics. We know too well about bed linen and manchester though hemp clothing will soon be a mainstream.

From stylish apparel to accessories, hemp-based fashion is making a mark. Besides, hemp is promoting a greener and more ethical approach to the textile industry.

Hemp Food and Beverages

Hemp seeds and derivatives are gaining popularity as superfoods. This is because of their exceptional nutritional profile.

Hemp-based food and beverage are rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. They are also rich in antioxidants. In short, hemp-based perishables are a healthy and sustainable option for consumers.

With the growing demand for plant-based alternatives, the hemp food sector is witnessing remarkable growth, incorporating hemp into a diverse range of products.

Hemp Paper

The paper industry is embracing hemp as a sustainable and eco-friendly substitute for traditional wood pulp. This is going to be a sustainable industry game changer. 

Hemp fibres produce high-quality paper that is durable, acid-free, and recyclable. By reducing the reliance on timber, hemp paper production helps preserve forests and contributes to a more sustainable approach to paper manufacturing.

What is the future of Hemp in India? 

India’s hemp industry is steadily gaining momentum. In fact, multiple states are actively participating in the cultivation and utilization of this versatile crop.

Out of these, Uttarakhand leads the way with its favourable climate and supportive policies.

As the industry continues to expand, diverse sectors, including clothing, food and beverages, and paper, are harnessing hemp’s potential. Slowly yet steadily, hemp is driving sustainable innovation and contributing to a greener future for India.

How Exciting ! 

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