Why is Hobart a Hemp Leader?

Why is Hobart a Hemp Leader?

Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, an island off the coast of Australia, has emerged as a heroic hemp city due to its thriving hemp industry and commitment to sustainability. 

At Jo Dope, we love Hobart's dedication to our favourite crop, and we are proud to see so many local tasmanian businesses using hemp fibre, seed and the evolution of oil and flower business leaders also. In recent years, Hobart has become a hub for hemp production and innovation in Australia and is now considered a clear leader in the hemp industry with a super strong and passionate advocate the Tassie Hemp Association. 

And that's why Hobart is a genuine heroic hemp city, a perfect fit for Jo Dope's hemp bed linen. Read on to learn just how they achieved this status.

What's going on regarding hemp in Hobart?

Alongside Hobart's alternative style as a city, it also possesses an ideal climate for growing hemp. Tasmania's temperate weather and relatively high rainfall make hemp growers, quite literally, love their lives. Due to this, and led by the eco-hipsters of Hobart, Hemp businesses all over the city are flourishing. 

Hemp is primarily grown for its fibre and seeds, which can be used for various purposes, including clothing, food,building materials, beauty products and even beer (that's right, Tasmanians have hemp beer - check it out here). Numerous companies in Hobart and throughout Tasmania produce hemp-based products, such as hemp oil, protein powder, and skincare, leading to a very healthy, hemp-loving population of Hobartians.

Tassie Hemp Homes - Hobart and Beyond

But perhaps the coolest hemp product feature of this beautiful city is its hemp architecture. That’s right, the Hobartian Hemp House is a revolutionary dwelling made entirely of hemp blocks It’s pretty incredible, we thought so too. Also, Hobart is rising to international recognition in terms of hemp. Recently, Launceston hosted the Australian Industrial Hemp Conference where a bunch of Hemp builders got together and spoke about the future of hemp building. So hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more hemp buildings in Tassie in the coming years!

Hobart Beautiful Hemp | Jo Dope bed sheets


There is an abundance of hemp houses being built all over the state from The south and Kingston all the way north to lovely peaceful Burnie. We just think Hemp Homes and Hemp Homewares go hand in hand and so we will continue to support and in the future collaborate with these industry leaders. 

So, are there any other heroic hemp cities in Tasmania?

Well, Tasmania's a tiny island with only a handful of cities. But there certainly are some heroic towns in Tasmania's beautiful countryside that are very enthusiastic about hemp. Tasmania has a long history of sustainability - something we are very passionate about at Jo Dope. All of our hemp bed linen is as sustainable as possible, which is probably one of the reasons that Tasmania and we work so well together… Here is one more must-visit heroic hemp town in Tasmania.


In the heart of Tasmania, Deloraine has a lot of natural beauty and a thriving hippy counterculture. The town is home to several businesses that produce sustainable hemp-based products, including clothing, cosmetics, and food. Deloraine hosts the annual Tasmanian Hemp Expo, showcasing the latest hemp industry innovations. Who knows, maybe some cosy Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets will turn up there in the future…

And that's all for this blog; we certainly love what Hobart is doing with hemp and hope you consider paying this wonderful place a visit! But if you're looking for something closer to home, remember you can always access Jo Dope's hemp bed linen online and get a taste of heroic hemp for yourself.


The Jo Dope team.

P.S if you know of any other Tasmanian Hemp Businesses you think we should feature please leave a comment below and we will contact to feature. 

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Having lived in Hobart for years, I 100% agree. Hobart is a hempen capital. Get on board everyone!


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