Why Cathy Freeman would choose Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

Why Cathy Freeman would choose Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

Here at Jo Dope, there’s nothing we love more than a feel good story, and a genuine happy ending. Cathy Freeman exemplifies both of these qualities, and she also highlights the power of perseverance and a positive attitude, two reasons why we think she’d be a perfect fit for our hemp bedding.


Additionally, as an olympic athlete, she required a precise, restful sleep and a healthy lifestyle. Cathy is an international icon, and at Jo Dope we admire her personality and achievements greatly, and also believe that she would adore sleeping in some fresh hemp sheets…

In the year 2000, after a myriad of injuries and racism, Freeman rewrote the history books, becoming the first First Nations Australian women to win an Olympic gold medal (in the 400m race). The Jo Dope team can’t really see ourselves winning an Olympic gold medal (although you never know…), but we do see ourselves running a different race, similarly burdened by injustice and difficulty. And that is the injustice of ecological degradation that runs rife through conventional bed linen manufacturing companies. Freeman managed to rise above her tribulations through a positive, success-based mental attitude. At Jo Dope, we want to do the same. And just like Cathy, we’re ready to rewrite the sad history of commercial textile production to create eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, high-quality hemp bed-linen. Now that’s something we think Cathy would be a fan of!

However, the other aspect of Cathy’s success came down to her perseverance and self-upkeep. A pivotal part of any athlete’s performance is a healthy sleep, and Jo Dope Hemp bed linen has all the tools to give you this in spades. Naturally insulative, moisture-wicking and ridiculously soft, hemp fabric imparts a second-to none sleeping experience. Coupled with our perseverance - something else that inspired us from Cathy’s story -  always seeking to provide you with a sustainable alternative to destructive conventional fabrics, this makes our eco-friendly approach to bedding a philosophy that we are sure Cathy, and many others would love to adopt.

And we will keep providing you with environmentally beneficial, ridiculously cozy solutions, because we truly want the story of sustainable bed linen to have a happy ending as well…

If, like we’re pretty sure Cathy would, you want to try some Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets today, follow this link.


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