Why Marie Curie would have chosen Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

Why Marie Curie would have chosen Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

Some people and some things are made to do good in the world and will seek to help others with a fierce determination, no matter the cost. Marie Curie was one such woman, and, based on her aforementioned values, this article discusses why we think Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets would have been Curie’s first choice of manchester. 


Curie discovered two elements previously unknown to man and pioneered ground-breaking research into radiation as treatment for cancer, thus improving the health of humans internationally. At Jo Dope, we are in awe of Curie’s dedication and altruism, and if we could help the world with our sustainable bed sheets and impact to a fraction of the extent that she did, we would be happy…

We think that comparisons can be drawn between the hemp plant and Curie’s spirited compassion. Like Curie, the hemp plant seems to want to give you the best experience possible and help the world at every opportunity. Some fabrics reduce carbon emissions, some reduce toxicity. Hemp fabric does more than this; It contributes greatly to carbon sequestration, completely eliminates the need for toxic chemicals, and puts nutrients back into the soil. These powers, combined with artisan spinning, weaving and fabric design, creates what we at Jo Dope believe is the key to a healthy sleep: eco-friendly hemp bed sheets.

With climate change an issue on everyone’s mind at the moment, these sheets seem a holistic solution to textile unsustainability that will help the planet and, in turn, help humanity to flourish long into the future… 

Despite our different contexts, we feel as though Curie - with her philanthropic values and dedication - would definitely have aligned with our goal: to share the benefits of this amazing plant with every person that we possibly can!

Another aspect of Marie Curie’s personality that, here at Jo Dope, we admire greatly was her determination. Curie did not let her humble beginnings or her social status as a woman in 19th century Europe stop her from pursuing her goals. Every choice she made was backed up by strong humanitarian morals, and she kept going, irrelevant of the tribulations she had to endure. At Jo Dope, we aspire towards similar ideals. Despite the influence of multinational textile companies who seem intent on destroying the earth, Jo Dope is committed to our eco-friendly mission that seeks to make sustainable bedding choices throughout the entire supply chain, no matter the cost.

So, in this vein of thought, we are quite confident that Marie Curie would have chosen Jo Dope Hemp bed linen to snuggle into before conducting her research, to better improve the world as much as she humanly could. Here at Jo Dope, we are greatly inspired by Curie’s achievements and hope to contribute to a better, healthier planet, just like she did…

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The Jo Dope team

Image reference: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Marie-Curie/Death-of-Pierre-and-second-Nobel-Prize
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