Why Morgan Freeman would choose Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

Why Morgan Freeman would choose Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

Everything that Morgan Freeman says or does seems considered, wise and intriguing. With this in mind, we thought that Morgan would be the ideal candidate for a set of Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets, because if he really does think everything through, then surely he realises the astounding upsides of hemp fabric.



This article differs from the rest of the series in how Morgan is still alive, but we believe this makes it all the more interesting, because it means he could be reading every word we’re writing. So, if you’re out there Morgan, we hope you get on board our mission, because we believe that you and Jo Dope would make the ideal team!

Morgan Freeman is well known for his role in Shawshank Redemption where he acted as Red and helped Andy Dufresne escape from an unjust prison. At Jo Dope, we consider our objective quite similar to Andy and Red: we want to liberate the world from unsustainability by virtue of the sensational fabric that is Jo Dope hemp bed linen. Only, there’s one difference. We’re not acting like Freeman was in the film. And we’ll never pretend to be anything that we’re not. All we do is provide for you 100% ethically produced, high-quality eco-friendly hemp manchester that allows for a pure and pleasurable sleep, with no catch.

But to say that Morgan was ‘pretending’ or ‘acting’ is a bit harsh, and in fact may cast a shadow on his might as an actor. In reality, Morgan possesses a keen interest in issues concerning the planet, claiming that “global…environmental problems are important to change”. In fact, he even narrated a short film about Climate Change - “Our Future” - in his trademark raspy, yet intriguing and captivating style. Due to his ecological awareness, we can’t see any reason why Morgan wouldn’t love to relax in some soft, comfortable and ecologically beneficial hemp sheets.

As we said when we started this article, Morgan seems a highly considered man, the sort that would approve of and love to jump into some hemp sheets. Sheets that naturally help to reduce carbon emissions, detoxify soils and, most of all, give you a rejuvenating, healthy rest… So if you’re reading this Morgan, please, get on board! You won’t regret it!


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