Why Muhammad Ali would have chosen Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

Why Muhammad Ali would have chosen Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

You may not have seen this coming, but here at Jo Dope we love our sport, and we also love our history. Unless you’ve been hiding under some beautifully soft hemp sheet for the last 60 years (and if you were, we don’t blame you…), you’ve probably heard of Muhammad Ali. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, right? 


Well, two things that allowed Ali to achieve such incredible success were his care for his body and his strong principles. Based on these two reasons, this article discusses why this international icon would definitely, definitely have slept in some fresh Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets to get him in the right mindset before every big match… 

Now boxing is a rigorous sport, and the best boxers maintain high, almost pedantic levels of self-care. Ali wouldn’t even enter the ring until every variable was under his control and his body was feeling perfectly attuned and prepared for the fight. Obviously, one such variable is sleep and, equally, sleep hygiene. Ali himself once said “Your body is sacred… far more precious than diamonds and pearls”. This attentiveness when it came to his health and, by extension, to his sleep as well as his supreme talent was what separated Ali from ‘the rest’ of the boxing world, leading people 50 years on to still call him “The greatest that ever was.”

So…How does this all connect back to Jo Dope? Well, Ali also often criticised the vices of modern society, describing “How easy it is to be deceived”. At Jo Dope, we know that deception runs through textile production, especially in the so-called “sustainable” cotton textiles that use over 250 billion litres of water each year and polyester sheets that release thousands of deleterious microplastic fibres with every wash. At Jo Dope, we align with Ali on two fronts: firstly, we don’t want to deceive you. And secondly, we want to give you a sleep that allows you to care for your body to the utmost, and wake up the next morning perfectly primed for your big match - whatever form that match may take. Whilst hemp fibre produces no microplastics and is extremely economical in terms of waste water, it also nourishes the skin, reduces your risk of illness from microbes (hemp is naturally and antimicrobial) and wicks moisture while you snooze, hence allowing for a rejuvenating sleep whilst being truly sustainable for the planet. 

Just as we said at the beginning, to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee just like Ali did, one needs a high level of self-care and strong principles that value honesty and care for the world. With Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets, you can have both, and you can avoid the deception of unsustainable cotton and polyester bed linen. With this in mind, we’re confident that Muhammad Ali would have chosen Jo Dope hemp bed sheets to give him a revitalising sleep before every match. And we hope that you will too…


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