Why Plato would have chosen Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

Why Plato would have chosen Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets and an ancient, yet incredibly famous philosophizing mathematician. These two seem incompatible right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong.

Plato, the man, the myth, the legend benefited society in too many ways to list in one small article, but there were a certain few beliefs that he held above all: wisdom, justice, self-discipline and courage. Put simply, he aspired towards a harmonious, connected society based on these principles. In today’s article, we chat about Plato’s philosophy, how we have adopted some of his principles and why we think this guy would have been the perfect fit for some Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets. 

The first of Plato’s principles is wisdom. With wisdom, one can make the right decisions and be sure that they know exactly what they’re talking about. At Jo Dope, this takes place in almost everything we do. From product research to customer service and even to scientific investigation, we seek to understand everything we can about the textile industry and the wonderful eco-friendly fabric created by hemp. Due to our appetite for learning and wisdom, we feel as though Plato would align with our mission, and he would have loved to snuggle into some of our sheets. 

However, in our research, we’ve managed to find a lot of problems with commercial manchester production. And this is where our sense of justice comes in…

Just like Plato, the Jo Dope team has a strong sense of right and wrong, and we think that ecological justice is a vital aspect of a functioning world. In conventional textile production, this environmental justice isn’t really adhered to. In fact, it’s often disregarded entirely. Take cotton production, where thousands of aquatic ecosystems are polluted yearly through toxic dyes. Another damaging impact is fertilizer contamination, a result of toxic agricultural chemicals, also killing thousands of animals yearly. Guided by our sense of justice, the Jo Dope team have sought to nurture, rather than destroy the planet through the use of sustainable, non-toxic hemp fiber - an idea that we think Plato would have loved just as much as we do…

Thirdly, Plato valued self-discipline and courage, traits that he believed would guide you to a successful life. We have extrapolated these virtues in our business and seek to practice them at every possible opportunity. We are disciplined in how we only source the best quality hemp from verified sustainable suppliers, avoiding the temptation of cheaper, more ecologically destructive fabrics. And we are courageous in our commitment to the cause despite the influence of large-scale companies with opposite ideals, in the same way that Plato was when it came to his philosophies. And we will stay forever strong to our eco-friendly mission whilst simultaneously seeking to provide you with the utmost comfort.

Ultimately, if Plato were still with us today, we think that he would approve of what we are doing at Jo Dope. Just like him, all we want is a harmonious society that connects with, and gives back to the planet. And that’s why, if he’d have had the choice, Plato would definitely have snuggled up in some eco-friendly Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets before concocting his next big theory…

Much love

The Jo Dope team

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