Why Robert Plant would choose Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

Why Robert Plant would choose Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets

Admittedly, in the modern day, older bands seem to be fading out of popularity. However, at Jo Dope, we hope you still remember Led Zeppelin because we're a big big fan of their music.

In this article, we’ll tell you why Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin’s lead singer) would love a set of Jo Dope Hemp Bed Sheets, and why his alternative side aligns perfectly with our aspirations (and that’s not just because of his cool name!)

Rob rose to popularity in a time when countercultural movements were pervading society. Hemp (both the drug and the fabric) was worn and smoked by musicians and hippies all over the globe. Despite having no affiliation with the drug, Jo Dope respects that Robert used marijuana for creative inspiration and thus somewhat appreciates the benefits of hemp. One could even say that hemp indirectly helped Robert to ‘Plant the seeds of his success’ in certain songs (sorry, the puns are just impossible to avoid with such an awesome name…)

Nowadays, hemp fabric is still rising in popularity and people are beginning to realise it’s truly sensational ecological and health-based powers, such as how it purifies the very air we breathe. Hence, here at Jo Dope, we thought that Rob would love to take a rest in some of our relaxing, hip and eco-friendly bed linen, perhaps a quality snooze in some hemp sheets could even give him some extra creative inspiration…

In Immigrant Song, Plant sings that “Peace and trust will win the day, in spite of all you're losing.” At Jo Dope, we firmly believe this to be true. Throughout history, commercial textile production has caused a lot of loss, on ecological and social fronts, but we believe that honesty with our customers and an open, trusting relationship will build the path towards a bright and sustainable future for textiles globally. We know that the answer to many of these environmental issues is hemp, and that’s why we’re telling you, and everyone we possibly can, about the wonders of this versatile, eco-friendly fabric, a mission we’re sure Robert would approve of…

In conclusion, I think we can confidently say that Robert Plant and Jo Dope align on more than one front. We both appreciate the benefits of hemp and believe that honesty is the key to a happy future… If you share this philosophy, feel free to check out our website and amazing customised hemp sheets for yourself, just follow this link.


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