Sleep Presidential: Why we Think VP Al Gore is a Hemp Hero

Sleep Presidential: Why we Think VP Al Gore is a Hemp Hero

Why is Al Gore a perfect Hemp Hero who would have loved sleeping in hemp bed sheets?

Al Gore, former VP of the United States, loved the planet and wanted to care for it at every opportunity. Above all, this is why Al Gore would have been a perfect Hemp Hero. Gore's advocacy for sustainable practices would be 100% supportive of the use of hemp as a crop - it is soo much more sustainable than traditional cotton. We know that our beloved Al Gore would have loved sleeping in some eco-friendly Jo Dope hemp bed sheets, and here are some reasons why…

What was An Inconvenient Truth?

"An Inconvenient Truth" is a documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim and produced by Al Gore. This was Gore's biggest legacy. The film presents his campaign to educate people about the huge threat posed by global warming. It calls for immediate action to stop its destructive effects on the environment. Since its beginnings, An Inconvenient Truth has been spread around the globe and has played a huge role in raising global ecological awareness. Gore's documentary was widely acclaimed and won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. His book by the same title also won a Nobel Peace Prize.

Wow. Well, that's what we thought anyway… What a hero!

Do the best bed sheets create a sustainable planet that Al Gore would love?

The right bed sheets can help create a more sustainable planet in so many different ways…

  1. Hemp is an extremely eco-friendly crop: Unlike traditional cotton, hemp requires less water and pesticides to grow, producing a more sustainable yield.
  2. Carbon sequestration: Hemp can sequester carbon from the atmosphere, which can help mitigate climate change's impacts. This is something Al Gore was always looking to do…
  3. Durability: Hemp fibres are naturally strong and durable, so hemp bed sheets are long-lasting and require less frequent replacement. This means less transport and less ecological costs.
  4. Biodegradable: Unlike synthetic materials, hemp is biodegradable, which breaks down naturally in the environment, reducing waste.
  5. Chemical-free: As hemp is grown without pesticides and chemical fertilisers, it is a more natural and environmentally friendly option than conventional fabrics.
  6. Energy-efficient: Hemp fibres require less energy to produce than synthetic fibres.

Al Gore's advocacy for sustainable practices and reducing greenhouse gas emissions align with the principles of using hemp bed sheets. These sheets are an environmentally friendly option for bedding. Sustainable, biodegradable, chemical-free and energy-efficient. Hemp is working towards a sustainable future and by using this incredible plant, so is Jo Dope. Just like Al Gore wanted…

What would Al Gore have to say about Hemp bedding?

Well, we think that he would say the same thing he said about climate change. "Our world faces a planetary emergency. Buy products that have the least impact environmentally."

Hemp is basically the definition of a sustainable product. It can be grown with less water and pesticides compared to traditional cotton, it can sequester carbon from the atmosphere. There is no wonder why Al gore would love Jo Dope Hemp bed sheets in the White House or any home. 

Sleep presidentially in Jo Dope Sheets.


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