Why Was Mozart A Hemp Hero?

Why Was Mozart A Hemp Hero?

Who Was Mozart?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is regarded as one of the very first rockstars in the world. He lived life fast and hard. He also started working as a proper musician from a very young age thanks to his father’s recognition of his son’s innate talent.

He was an extremely talented musician who could play almost all musical instruments provided to him. At an early age of 5, he was already composing his own little masterpieces.

At 8, he wrote his first symphony.

It didn’t take long for the floodgates to open. Mozart’s creative ability and physical prowess on any musical instrument finally caught up with each other even before he hit puberty. This led to numerous works in so many aspects of classical music rich with harmony, texture, elegance, and layers.

Mozart was a prolific composer who produced an insane amount of musical pieces numbering near 800 until the time of his death. There was a particular period in his life where he produced song after song as easily as one would draw breath.

His main instrument was the piano but earlier works reveal he made pieces specifically for the harpsichord. He was also a violinist and a multi-instrumentalist who had the uncanny ability to learn an instrument at a rapid pace. No doubt assisted by his knowledge and understanding of how music worked from the notes to actual chords.

Hemp Bed Linen Hero Mozart

Why Would WolfGang Sleep On Hemp Sheets?

Despite living a short life, Mozart, lived his to the fullest. At his peak, he worked at a frenetic, near maniacal, pace. To keep his energy up, one would assume he needed a the best night’s sleep.

After all, creative geniuses also need to rest. A brain that is constantly stimulated and a body constantly in motion without any respite or reprieve eventually succumbs to exhaustion.

Mozart had a hectic schedule. Attending social events, hobnobbing with the elite and networking to gain more audience.

To keep his energy up, Mozart would need a very comfortable, sustainable bed with bed sheets and bed linen made of hemp. One that would make him sleep as soon as his head hit the pillowcase.

It’s a good thing that the natural feel of the hemp bed sheet and bed linen material increases sleep which lead to a more balanced circadian rhythm. This then manifests itself in a well-rested individual with all creative cylinders pumping at 11.

No wonder Mozart was always ready to make music as soon as he got out of his sustainable hemp bed set.

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