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Do you hate sheets that do not Fit ?

Are you ready for custom bedding?

What is Custom bedding? 

Well you have standard Australian standard bed sizes right, well Jodope believes in individuality to the core.

So if you do not have a standard bed what do you do ? 

What if you are in another region of the world ? What if your bed is not the standard sizing in the United States, Canada, England or Spain, though you really want Jo Dope 100% Hemp Bedding ? 

Jo Dope Custom Bedding. 

Hemp Textiles Customised to Fit
Sounds pretty cool right? 

But what is it? What does it do? 

Well that’s what we’re going to unpack in this blog, right down to the nitty-gritty of how to measure your bed and get the most comfortable hemp sheets possible. 

At Jo Dope, we started with the vision of creating a sustainable textile business. We wanted to contribute less landfill, connect with people regarding the benefits of hemp and provide a comfortable sleep. We soon realised that a key part of this comfort is how well your sheets fit.

Though If you are converted and feel we are preaching to the choir, click here let us know the dimensions and lets get to sewing your last cut of hemp bed sheets you ever need click here to contact us now. 

How ‘universal sizing’ contributes to waste and restless sleeps.

Universal sizing is the generic king, queen and single sizes offered by basically every commercial bed linen company.

You might have already figured this out, but with universal sizing, there is simply not enough choice. Just like people, beds come in all different shapes and sizes.

What happens when your bed doesn’t fit the normal specifications? What if it’s just too unique? Take a caravan bed for example, or a futon that is thinner than other mattresses.

 Hemp Custom Bedding | Fit Anything

If this is your bed, then universal sizing will force you to buy inefficient, unsustainable and uncomfortable sheets. In fact, the chances are your sheets don’t even fit right now…

And whilst being extremely annoying, inaccurately sized bedding also harms our beautiful planet. The BBC estimates that 92 million tonnes of fabric is wasted every year, a large amount of which is completely avoidable by customising your sheets.

Would a normal sheet work for these tiny beds? We don’t think so…

 How customised hemp bedding solves all of this:

Jo Dope’s custom hemp bedding functions perfectly for you and doesn’t waste any unnecessary material. 

This is our solution. 

If conventional sheet sizes don’t work for your bed, you can contact us with precise specifications and we’ll tailor your sheets to these preferences. If you’re not sure if normal sheets will fit or not, check out our nifty size chart

And if your bed doesn’t align with any of these sizes, fear not, our hemp manchester can match the length, width and height of any bed on the planet. Just the right amount to maximise comfort, minimise fabric waste and fit your bed like a bespoke suit.

How to order and measure your unique bed - Jo Dope tips and tricks

Just like anything else, it can save you a lot of time if you know how to do something properly. Here’s some tips and tricks to help you measure your bed perfectly.

  1. Take all the sheets and bedding off the bed to expose the mattress.
  2. Using a tape measure, measure one end of the bed to the other, on both the long and the short sides (length and width)
  3. Also measure the height of the mattress to understand mattress depth. If you have mattress toppers (eg. extra fabric for comfort) on the base mattress, include this as a part of the mattress height.
  4. If you have an oddly shaped bed, you’ll need to measure each angle as well as the above specifications.
  5. Send us the profile of your bed - just like a dating site, you tell us what you need, and we’ll find (or make) you some perfectly matched custom hemp sheets. Now that’s sustainable comfort!

If you’ve followed these steps and are ready to order your custom hemp bedding, click here to send us your bed’s profile.

What next?

So, the magical day has finally come. You’ve followed the previous steps and your customised hemp sheets have been shipped to your door (with minimal packaging, of course).

Like Christmas, you tear open the box and unveil your beautiful new hemp manchester. But then you hit a roadblock. How do I actually get these on my bed? You ask…

Here’s a link to our other short blog on how to make your bed the Jo Dope way…

Once you’ve done this you can truly rest easy because you’ll know that, with your new sheets, there are only upsides for you and for the planet. You won’t need to use any more annoying temporary hacks like suspenders or straps. Your sheets will never come loose. And no fabric will ever be wasted. 

Now all there is to do is jump in and drift off to a deep and ethically satisfied sleep in your new hemp bed sheets…

Thanks for reading and we look forward to chatting soon…

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