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Do you make your bed in the morning ? Or night ?

Do you make your bed in the morning or night? 

Do you jump into an unmade bed? 

Do you care or can you sleep like a log on a bed of Nails? 

This is a very popular opinion, amongst our direct community, I asked 10 different people this week. 

I was surprised how many people made their bed in the morning hyper motivated people and more relaxed go with the flow-ers. All alike, liked to start the day off with the action of resetting the bed for the day of looking crips and ready to receive them later that evening for a long deep nights sleep. Some in Hemp some not but the number of yes I make the bed suprised me. 

Here are some reasons I stole from other blogs and made my own, notice I believe humans can be virtuous and I would like to hear what you think so please leave a comment if you do like to make your bed in the morning.  

If I make my bed in the morning will I have a good day?

Let's talk about the simple act of tidying your bed sheets each morning—a keystone habit that can unlock a cascade of positive choices and practices throughout your day. All with one little step in making my bed ? 

As the renowned Chinese philosopher Zhu Xi once said, "The key to cultivating virtue lies in daily routine." By choosing to make your bed and in hemp bed sheets, you're not only investing in an eco-friendly future but also aligning yourself daily to be virtuous.

Will making my bed help me Sleep better?

Did you know that regularly making your bed setting can significantly improve your sleep quality? According to sleep researchers, study, participants who made their beds were more likely to have restful nights. The cleanliness and comfort of your bed sheets play a crucial role in your sleep environment.

Imagine slipping into fresh, crisp bed sheets—pure delight! It's not just about aesthetics; it's backed by science. Making your Jo Dope Bed Linen creates a visually appealing space and promotes a sense of cleanliness and order, setting the stage for a peaceful slumber. Good Vibes and Great Sleeps.

Consider if you have not already, incorporating natural 100% hemp bed sheets into the mix. Eco-friendly and breathable, hemp sheets offer moisture-wicking properties that keep you cool and comfortable all night. The softness and smoothness of our hemp against your skin elevates your bedtime experience, inviting you into a world of relaxation.

When Should I make my bed? 

So what do you think ?, each morning as you make your bed with fresh, luxurious hemp bed sheets, you're not just transforming the aesthetics of your bedroom. You're igniting a powerful catalyst for positive change.

The ripple effect of this simple routine can lead to enhanced productivity, increased well-being, and a stronger sense of discipline in all areas of your life.

What other things do you do to increase to opportunity for a great nights sleep? 

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