Make your hemp bed the Jo Dope way…

Make your hemp bed the Jo Dope way…

Picture this - you’ve just acquired a fresh set of  Jo Dope Hemp sheets. 

Over the moon with hemp bed sheets | Sleep Tight

Figuratively speaking, you’re over the moon and keen to get them fitted onto your favourite bed. But this can actually be quite tricky.

Believe it or not, we’ve met people who have gone through their entire lives not knowing how to properly make their bed or fit their sheets to their bed quickly and so they don't flip up in the night.

In this short read, we’ll give you three essential tips to fitting your hemp bed linen. 

After washing them on cool wash with non toxic detergents, shake them well and and hang them out ideally out of direct sunlight.

Simple Steps to Make you bed. 

  1. Fit the top corners of the sheet before the bottom: You’d be surprised at how often people don’t fit their sheets in the right order. Some start at the bottom, while others focus on one side. Start at the top corners first because they’re more difficult to stretch. After securing those bad boys or girls, work your way down to the bottom. Also, use the product tag as a guide (it typically goes to the bottom right corner if your facing the bed ).
  2. Turn the doona cover inside out and shake the quilt into it: By allowing the doona to naturally settle in its cover, you’ll save so much work compared to pushing each corner in place individually.Though we know this is a huge point of conjecture amongst couples. I swear Jess and I wrestle who can do this the fastest and most efficient, I do sometimes argue that if the quilt is already face side out, the time it would take to turn it inside and out it becomes moot. The point is keep the elasticity but for the unonitiated inside out is the easiest and quickest 

( telling my 18 year old self )  

  1. Use a spatula to slide the sheets under the mattress. This one sounds a bit ridiculous, but for the pedants among us, this saves time tucking each corner of the sheet under the mattress, and it also makes the folds look crisp and lovely like a hotel.( Inside scoop or flip from the uber professional bed makers ) 
  2. Use essential oils in the washing machine along with your eco-friendly washing detergent. This isn’t going to help with how it fits, but it creates amazing smells for you when making the bed! ( Jess and Oscar love using Peppermint oil ) 

It especially helps make doing the hanging out the clean bed sheets more fun  

man ironing is head wear

*** There is to be also, an honorable mention to the Iron - Ironing your bed sheets, is Epic. 

I highly recommend if your going to want to make it the crispest fit for the flat sheet, you want something epic, you own an Airbnb or your got your mum coming to stay in your first house and you want to impress. This will blow the socks, off any sleepy soul. 

Please share how you make your bed. 

Read these tips carefully because doing this will save you a lot of time and hassle, trust us on this one…We will take advisement from some of our more senior bed making customers so if have any tips you think we should add to the list of how to make your bed please leave us a comment below and we would love to feature it in the list :) 

To find out more about Jo Dope’s eco-friendly mission or to check out our hip range of hemp bedding, have a look at our full range of hemp manchester.

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