Is Hemp Itchy?

Is Hemp Itchy?

A common question we get asked is:

“With its enormous environmental, social and economic benefits, hemp sounds amazing - but is it comfortable?

We have heard hemp can be itchy?”

On the surface, this is a fair question.

Perhaps what comes to mind if you’ve never owned hemp clothing or bedding before is something similar to jute, or straw. Or a hessian bag :P 

This could not be further from the truth with JoDope hemp bedding. 

Below, we do a dive in ( like bed )  and answer this big question.

Is Jo Dope hemp itchy?

No 🤪

Ok fine, we’ll elaborate, why Hemp is not itchy but actually silky and smooth. 

The short answer why, is its natural Oil.

The Medium length answer is the processing of hemp is different for different types of hemp. Just like wool you have merino super fine or you have rough itchy wool that can be made up of very short fibres bonded together. 

Our hemp is the Silk or Super fine Merino wool of Natural plant based fabrics it comes from a long baste fibre and this ensure no small itchy bits of hemp. 

Why hemp is not Itchy. The really long answer! 

Hemp as a textile has been used in clothing and bedding for some time now.

Despite its durability (it is one of the most durable fabrics in the world), hemp is quite soft to the touch - and gets softer over time.

This may sound really strange though hemp fibre is really high in natural oil.

Though, through the retting process a lot of the moisture is removed to make the plant into a fabric ready fibre to be spun, woven or knitted into clothing or in JoDope's case soft pure hemp bedding. 

What this oily nature of the hemp means for you and your sleep is a huge upside to the silky and smooth nature of the fabric especially after more and more washes.  ( we are talking on a molecular level oily )

So these are some of the reasons why JoDope Hemp fabric is not itchy. 

Shop our range of bedding to experience the joy hemp can bring to your dream time.

Please feel free to reach out here to discuss any other questions or see if your questions are answered in any of our other blogs here

Thanks for your commitment to a green future and please know we love you ! 

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