Sick of Waking up Wet ?

Sick of Waking up Wet ?

Sleeping Disorders and Hemp. 

We are not Doctors, we are students of the world, and if you are experiencing severe night sweats, we highly recommend you see a Naturopath, Chinese herbalist and all in collaboration with your GP. 

Duty of Care out the way :) Read on to learn how bed sheets made from hemp are a great friend if you or a loved one suffers from night sweats and or temperature-regulating based issues. 

What are night sweats? 

Night sweats refer to excessive sweating during sleep, causing dampness and discomfort in bed. 

These episodes are often accompanied by a feeling of intense heat and may require changing the bed sheets or nightclothes during the night.

Night sweats can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition, so the disclaimer is to see a GP, and we cannot comment on this. However, this may be a symptom due to environmental factors such as a warm sleeping environment, and heavy bedding. 

Polyester or unnatural bed linen can dramatically affect the regulation of body warmth. Polyester filling for Quilts or Doonas is a tricky fabric to breathe through. 

We always suggest natural fibres for everything and understand the investment is quite different, so piece by piece upgrade. 

Are you waking up in a damp bed ? 

Jo Dope hemp bed sheets, are the perfect reliable bed linen product to counter this with superior thermo properties, ensuring your body breathes and reduces the amount of sweating. 

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