What is the best fabric for easy to care Doona Covers? 

What is the best fabric for easy to care Doona Covers? 

Ohh the world and names there are for Doona, Duvet, Comforter, Quilt. 

Honestly, it's a bit of a headache, We know hemp is best but we need to give you the information why, give you solid reasoning why investing with hemp is going to improve your sleep, increase your quality of life and give you a few feel good’s like no other. 

As we are building a slogan though as cringe-worthy as slogans are we think we simplified and nailed it “Good Vibes Great Sleeps” 

So why is Hemp the best for Doona Covers?

What is the best duvet cover? 

What are the main concerns that impact your decision when you are shopping for duvet covers? 

  • Will Jo Dope’s comforter cover keep me warm ? 
  • Is the fabric in my duvet cover sustainable?
  • Will this bed linen make me sweat? 
  • Is it Comfortable and nice on my skin? 
  • Will this duvet cover last years to come?  
  • Do I need to Iron this Cover?  
  • Does this bedding look great? 
  • Can I use this quilt Cover in Summer and Winter? 

Will Jo Dope’s comforter cover keep me warm? 

Warmest Bedding | Jo Dope

Yes, this bedding will be the warmest natural fibre you can find. 

The doona cover makes up a small percentage of the total amount of fabric or material you have on you considering what is inside your comforter / doona and what it should be filled with, such as Down, Wool, Or some other natural material. 

That being said hemp is epic when it comes to thermal properties it's like a wetsuit that traps a small amount of oxygen between you and the outside which is warm. 

Though circulates also being that the fibre magically knows if you are too hot. Please do not ask me to explain that it will hurt my brain though if you understand thermodynamics and can easily explain for our readers please comment below. 

Is the fabric in my duvet cover sustainable?

Yes hemp is the best fabric for sustainability. Why ? We will start from the plant and end with your bed. 

  • When it grows it pulls down Co2 from the atmosphere like no other, only seaweed is more efficient in this natural process. 
  • When it is harvested / whilst it grows it filters that Carbon and replenishes the soil with nutrients, making the soil great for growing food crops, unlike cotton, linen, bamboo which steal the nutrients from the soil as they grow 
  • Production if you buy our natural hemp this is minimal intervention and has the smallest footprint. 
  • When you purchase with Jo Dope we use minimal shipping plastic ( sea freight can get wet )  and no plastic in the supply chain to you. 
  • Micro plastic - NO never into the washing machine never into your lungs. 
  • Durability - No competition from Linen, bamboo, Tencel, Cotton and silk Hemp is best 
  • :) 

Will this bed linen make me sweat? 

No hemp will not contribute to you sweating more, and its natural antibacterial properties will ensure that sweat does not turn into mould or any other yukkiness. Which you would later breathe in. 

We cannot 100% say you will not sweat, a lot of sweating can be attributed to diet and if you have non-natural materials within your bedding this will make a huge impact on your bedding set breathability. 

Hemp Bed linen and hemp fabric hemp are renowned for their breathability, which enables air to move through the cloth easily.

Is hemp Comfortable and nice on my skin?

Hemp Skin Best Bed Linen | Jo Dope

Hemp is Extremely soft and comfortable, we say “Hemp Hugs you back”.

Hemp bed sheets are softer and more luxurious than you can imagine. Yes softer than high thread count cotton, yes softer than bed threads linen. 

We stand by this 100% and the fact hemp is more durable than those fabrics, in time hemp just gets better and better and stays safe and clean for your skin. Making it the easiest to care for and the best bed duvet cover that cares for you. 

We have written about this before. The properties of hemp are amazing for your skin.

Historically linen companies would talk about how dry cotton is and that makes for good bedding, though actually it's now showing that it absorbs your natural oil from your hair and skin doing two things

  1. Leaving your bedding gross as it's not antibacterial or microbial so storing natural elements is not the go. 
  2. Dry Cotton, Bamboo, and Linen absorb your natural oils and then leave your skin and hair dry and brittle. 

Hemp is soft, sexy and will ensure your skin is always resting against the best bed linen possible for your healthy skin and hair. Yes, hemp is better for your skin and hair than silk. 

Will this duvet cover last year's to come?  

Hemp is the most durable natural fibre used in textiles and bedding, the issue in the past was not its durability but its softness. Though we are fighting the fight against cotton and man-made textiles. Hemp is the best easy-to-care duvet cover material. 

By such a long way it’s in a league of its own, the tensile strength is historic. World-leading, from 100’s of years ago used to make Sails, Rope, and paper. The tensile strength translates into something that gives back your monetary savings. Not having to buy more products over a 3-5-10 year period which if you look at your original investment and usage to cost is a wicked saving for you and the planet. 

Do I need to Iron this Cover?  

We don’t think so, we think if you hand this with about 20cm over one side with pegs you should be fine, though we live in an apartment with no close line so hang over the door. Best not to hang in direct sunlight as it will fade. 

The look after natural drying is beautiful and plump. Keeping you warm and snuggling light and airy depending on what weight comforter you have inside. 

Does this bedding look great? 

How biased are we? 

We think there are actually a lot of nice prints and textures out in the market and we would like to in the future collab with artists to make printed bed linen. We are working on Plant-based dyes next and then we will look into prints. Oscar studied textile design so he will evolve this offering in time. 

Though we are also on a sustainable mission to offer less that lasts longer. 

Bed sheets and sets that transcend season and just make for the best night's sleep. If you want to see more pictures of our bedding jump over to our Pinterest or Instagram. We have some combinations and are working on this more and more on how to combine different colours to make a beautiful bedroom. 

Can I use this quilt Cover in Summer and Winter? 

So we have invested recently in a second doona, as the majority of warm comes from what's inside the quilt cover case. We understand everyones ethics are different, we use sustainable natural materials within our bed linen. This might upset some as it's wool though we believe it's more eco friendly than polyester or actually any other fillers on the market currently. 

Yes Hemp will keep you warm in winter and breathe in summer. Hemp is amazing like that with its hollow natural fibre trapping air and using as insulation. We highly recommend researching either here on other sites the magic of hemp’s sustainable thermo properties.  

Is hemp the best easy-care duvet cover, cover? 

We believe hemp is the most easy to care for low maintenance fabric for any aspect of your bed sets and especially your quilt cover, cover. 

We believe hemp not only is easy to care for, which also cares for the planet and you. Keeping your air and bed naturally germ free, not leaving microplastics or off-gassing. 

Ensuring you spend more time in deep healthy nights of sleep. If you want the most sustainable and eco friendly option we suggest our Natural Hemp Colour, which has had minimal intervention in the production process. Shop Natural Hemp doona Covers

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