Localised Manufacturing Hemp Business Near YOu

Finding Hemp Online = Hemp bedding near you

Is worldwide shipping from two distribution locations our ideal situation?

NO, and we have discussed this with many customer to understand our philosophy and vision for Jo Dope. 

Realistically, anything not made within 50km of your house has a big impact due to the fuel used to reach you or me. 

So the goal as hemp grows in popularity and takes over cotton, bamboo and linen. Is we have localised Manufacturers in USA, Canada, and Australia. China is already servicing Japan. Though If we grow big enough it would be amazing to be able to use Hemp from every major country in that major country. 

We know that we can grow and do better. We just need your ongoing support to overcome some economics of scale. As we find the patterns in distribution, we can create alternative solutions. We really appreciate our customers in North America. We will find a sea freight to local shipping solution as soon as we can, economically.

So if you are looking for Bed Sheets Near You?

If your looking for Hemp Bed Sheets Near you ?

If your looking for Sustainable Bed Sheets near you?

Know that we are near your heart and we will be that brand that breaks moulds of what is possible.

Jess and I both work in Supply Chain for years now and we understand more than most what the impact of shipping is. We are fighting to be able to build best practice localised manufacturing. 

Sustainable Slumber:

As more of you who care about sustainability and comfort find Jo Dope. So, the quest for the perfect bed linen takes us on a global journey. Imagine a set of bed sheets that not only lulls you into deep, restful sleep. We also match your values of environmental care. Jo Dope emerges as a lighthouse in this quest. We offer 100% hemp bed linen that combines luxury with responsibility.

Where can I buy 100% organic hemp bed sheets online? A: For those looking to buy online, Jo Dope is your premier destination. We specialise in high-quality, sustainable hemp bed sheets, pillowcases, and bed linens. You can get them at your fingertips. Our online platform makes it easy to pick eco-friendly bedding. It's for your home.

Does Jo Dope offer fast worldwide shipping? A: Absolutely. Jo Dope prides itself on its efficient distribution network. It is strategically located near major ports across continents. This ensures fast worldwide shipping. Most orders arrive within 10 days. It brings the comfort of hemp bed linen closer to you, no matter where you are.


Why choose hemp for bed linen and pillowcases? A: Hemp stands out for its sustainability. It needs less water and no pesticides to grow. It's more eco-friendly than traditional materials. Jo Dope's hemp bed linen and pillowcases are very comfy. They also help the planet.

How does Jo Dope ensure the quality of its bed linen? A: Jo Dope commits to the highest standards of quality. Our hemp bed sheets are 100% organic. They also undergo tough quality checks. The checks ensure they meet the needs of those who want luxury and sustainability.

Embark on a journey towards sustainable rest with Jo Dope. Try OUR hemp bed linen. It's very comfy. Also, it's part of the movement towards a greener future. With fast worldwide shipping and a commitment to quality, your ideal bedding is just a click away. Explore Jo Dope's Collection and Embrace Sustainable Comfort Today.

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