Caring Colorado Cruises into the Hemp Revolution

Caring Colorado Cruises into the Hemp Revolution

In the summer of 1968, The Beatles wrote a song called Revolution. In more recent times, the world began to change, shifting towards a future that utilises hemp - one of the key pillars of sustainable human development. So, maybe that revolution is finally taking a hold. In Colorado, one of the United (hempen) States of America, hemp is being championed in a great way. Here’s why.

How Colorado championed hemp in history and policy

In 2012, Colorado legalised hemp cultivation. In many places of the world, this is now a norm, however in the US it took 6 more years, until 2018, when it was federally permitted. That means that Colorado had been crankin’ out beautiful, ethical and sustainable hemp products for 6 years before the rest of their country caught up!

As well as that, Colorado keeps their blossoming hemp industry well-maintained. There are THC tests done on the plants of commercial growers to ensure that they’re producing it in a commercial sense. Further, they have a government department overlooking the hemp industry. 

Colorado’s hemp and education combine

Universities are places of intelligence and futuristic thinking. That’s why, in the State University of Colorado, hempen initiatives abound. Take for example, their agronomic researchers, who have conducted extensive tests into the best irrigation strategies for hemp, the best planting times and pest control strategies exclusive to Colorado’s many environments. They’ve also investigated optimal hemp breeding strategies that ensure pest-resilient and/or larger plants. Last of all, they’ve collaborated with industry stakeholders (farmers, basically) and have given them advice and workshops showing the benefits of their finding, and they’ve even helped inform government agencies about achieving hemp sustainability.   

What is Colorado doing for hemp today?

Well, Colorado was not only a hemp pioneer, but they are also maintaining their status as hempen lords of America through current actions. They’re staying ahead of the curve and here are a couple of examples how. 

  • CHAMP (Colorado Hemp Advancement and Management Plan)
        • When you’ve got a state initiative dedicated to supporting hemp farmers and sellers, collaborating with local organisations and essentially making hemp an even bigger thing, you’re doing something right. 
  • The Northern Colorado Hemp Expo
        • They call it the World’s Largest Industrial Hemp Exposition, and this is where hemp policy-makers, growers, food and medicine vendors and, of course, hemp fabric endorsers gather to chat about all things hempen. It’s like an explosion of hemp ideas and products, and really highlights Colorado’s attitude towards hemp. 
  • The Southern Colorado Hemp Processing Facility (Paragon Processing)
      • This is a state-supported institution that lets local farmers access the technology and support to process their hemp fiber and extract cannabinoids for medicinal use. Basically, it’s making the act of making hemp easier for smaller-scale farmers to do, therefore increasing the amount of hemp in the market. 

    Through these two initiatives, Colorado is a definite and steadfast member of the United States of hemp. One could even say that Colorado is the hemp state. The next step? Well, maybe it’s to visit this hemp wonderland. The Beatles were right. Hemp is “gonna change the world”. And Colorado might just be this revolution’s John Lennon. 


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    The Jo Dope Team

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