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Everything I expected & more!

Sage 100% Hemp Sheet Set
Caroline Weatherstone

These are the best sheets I've ever had

Total Comfort

The best kept secret in the linen industry! Perfect night sleep every night.

Lovely colour

Heather is a lovely colour. Quality of the pillowcase is high, and the king sizing is generous which is great.

Lovely product

Best ever

My husband bought us these 100% hemp sheets for my birthday last year and they are seriously the best ever material I have slept on. We are slowly trying to swap all our cotton and linen sheets and duvet covers for hemp so that we have a wardrobe of our comfort for us and our guests. You will be amazed!!!!

Luxury bed linen

I chose to try hemp bedding after being a lover of linen (flax). My linen fitted sheets wore out, so I wanted a stronger alternative that gave a similar feel. I was not disappointed at all. In fact I found the hemp sheets to be of superior quality and feel. Time will tell on the performance, but I have learned that hemp is a much stronger fibre than flax linen. I will be using hemp as I need to replace my bedding in future.

So soft compared to other linen sheets!

From the first use I could feel the difference in these sheets. They are soft and almost silky; absolutely no roughness that other brands of linen bed sheets have had. I hope they are as durable as they are soft.

Lovely pillow cases - soft and comfortable

Beautifully made sheet and excellent material- very happy with this purchase


We were wanting to try Hemp sheets for ages and when we found Jo Dope decided to take the plunge. What a plunge it was and we will never go back to 'normal' bed ware. Also, the company is great to deal with and their communication is excellent which means a lot to us. Highly recommend.

Quality bedding very comfortable on both hot and cold nights

Omg!!! Had the best night sleep on these amazing sheets

Love love Love the products

This is our 4th sets. That tells you everything!!

Best sleeps ever!!!

Cannot believe I didn't purchase these sheets YEARS ago ~ they are beyond awesome!!

Sage 100% Hemp Flat Sheet
Francie Champion
Hemp Super King flat sheet

We bought three of these hemp super king seized flat sheets from Jo Dope. We are both extremely pleased with these sheets. They feel so good. They wash easily and dry very quickly. We love them and thoroughly recommend Jo Dope for their excellent service and their wonderful planet-friendly sheets. ❤️❤️

The MOST amazing sheets! 🤩

Gave JoDope a try after hearing my friends rave about it. Once our parcel arrived I was thrilled! Easy to clean, looks luxurious on the bed and feels like a dream to sleep to in.

I used to have linen sheets and cotton sheets and these are HANDS DOWN a million times better. 100% coming back for more. Thanks so much you guys 💖

Nothing quite like it!

The feel of Hemp, the comfort, easy to maintain, durability, Hemp has it all and there is no better place to get your sheet sets that from Jodope, a leader in service, colour selection and affordability. Thanks Jodope for all you're doing for your customers and the planet. John and Sayumi, Japan

The best sheets I've had

Bed sheets are extremely fickle and I've had a lot of bad ones, but Jo Dope deliver the goods with every single purchase. EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE. It's so good to have finally found a store that actually cares about what they are doing and deliver high-quality eco-friendly products.Best sheets I've ever had without a doubt. You pay for quality. Highly reccomend.

Love this colour

Thanks Jo - I was looking for practical bedding with kids and hemps the best for keeping away germs ! Just great thanks ! Will be telling my friends ;)

Greatest feeling.

I usually use linen though I can tell the difference now I have washed my sheets 3 times the softness is magic. I’m having great sleeps ! Thanks Jo

Quick shipping and custom sizing

I needed deeper fitted sheets as I have a pillow topper. Oscar made my order easy and quick. Thanks Jo Dope

Softer than imagined

No scratchy fabric just pure bliss. Wish I had made switch to hemp earlier. Have purchased twice now

Softer than Soft

I was unsure about hemp, I know the benefits but will it be comfy. How surprised I was. Thank you Jess for such great service answering my questions. Highly recommend this seller

Great sheets

Very happy with the communication, delivery and product quality.